It's been a long time since experts have used Handwriting Therapy to change a person's personality. When a writer change his handwriting and repeatedly practice the new form of handwriting, there will be changes in the brain.

No doubt, there would be processes towards this change. In Graphology, the process of slowly trying to change the shape of a writing is called Beautification. (for example raising high t-bars to determine high goals). But here comes the fallacy: Simply changing handwriting style, cannot change the personality instantly.

Beautification method is imperfect.
When one negative trait has been eliminated, two or three other negative traits usually appear.

Example: Someone who set a low goals in life, generally has low self-esteem. If Beautification method succeeds in making he reluctant to set a higher goals, his self-esteem nonetheless is still poor. This can actually lead to frustration and stress on the writer.

Therefore, we use a method called Grapho-Cybernetics. This method teaches the relationship between pictures and scribbles with the character and emotions. Once tension arises, the tension will soon be released. By participating in our graphotherapy, you will be able to recognize tension soon enough before any damaging effect occurred, and you can release the stress effortlessly.

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