Profil Johan D. Gunawan. 

Living life in harmony with one’s unique character is basic and mandatory. On the contrary, paying no attention to this principle will crippled one’s self potential and evencould established a prolonged conflicts. Johan D. Gunawan, CMHA had that same experience in his early life. Even though he graduated from a high-profile university, established a satisfying job, and various other life achievements, but none of them could provide satisfaction for his inner-self. He knew his self-potential just somehow waiting to be unleashed.

Johan participated in various seminars, trainings and meditations just to get to know more above himself, so to say an enlightment about his purpose in life. Until one day, he found out about handwriting analysis or graphology. The results of this handwriting analysis amazed him, because it provided a very complete picture of him. His talents, self-encouragement, even conflicts that he keep for himself.

Johan aware that he could helped others to gain inner satisfaction in their lives through handwriting analysis, just as he did. Handwriting reveals a complete picture of the conscious mind, the subconscious mind and various other aspects of psychology. Through graphology, these data are collected in detail and presented in the form of highly accurate reports, even reaching 100% accuracy. By knowing a complete picture of personality, a person will easily understand himself. Therefore, one will know his hidden talents, suitable jobs, suitable partners, how to deal with conflicts, and various other things. This would boosted self-potential, not only that, area of interpersonal relations will also improved .

With the knowledge about graphology and his talent in this field, Johan fell in love with graphology and decided to reach a deeper comprehension and understanding. Graphology is a discipline that require a lifetime journey to master, therefore a commitment is mandatory. Johan took a master's degree in this scientific field without hesitant. His talent was proven when he was awarded with Honor Roll from Karohs International of School Handwriting Analysis. This appreciation was given only to a few graphologist which classified as an international-class graphologists, they should prove themselves of being able to make a comprehensive and perfect analysis in any cases.

Today, Johan works as a consultant in the field of graphology both for public and companies. Johan also speaks for various seminars and communities. Many people have been helped by the services he provided. If you are also interested in finding your identity, then you need to contact Johan D. Gunawan, CMHA in whatsapp number +62 815 7429 2036.

If you want to have Johan D. Gunawan in your seminars and workshops, you can directly contact us on our WhatsApp number 0815.7429.2036 or press WhatsApp logo on the right side bottom of the screen. Johan D. Gunawan will prepare material that best suits your community or company.

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