How can graphotherapy transform my life?

Handwriting has a close relationship with the emotional condition and the subconscious mind of the author. Broadly speaking, the emotional condition and subconscious mind of a person will determine the quality of life. Because both of these things play a role in influencing behavior, choices, and ways of looking at events in the life of the writer. Beginning with this theory, experts have since argued that by contrast, changing the handwriting will change the emotional state and subconscious mind of the writer himself.

Basically there is indeed a connection between handwriting and the condition of the subconscious mind. But keep in mind that the process of "therapy" like this cannot be instant. Yes, it is true! Your personality that has been formed for 20-30 years is not possible to change within 1-2 nights. If you can, then the implications can be dangerous! (Read also : Danger of Graphotherapy!)

For example in the graphotherapy process with the method "Beautification", which is to change directly the form of writing. One of the suggestions there is to underline the signature so the writer will become independent. Now the problem is the Beautification method just stops there. One sign of independence in Graphology is indeed indicated by the underscore in the signature. But by underlining the signature, all aspects of the signature will also increase. Try to imagine if there was a stubborn tendency, then the author after underlining his signature would be a double stubborn person! Is this good? Of course not!

If so, then how should I do Graphotherapy?

In general, if a person does not have an obstacle, internal conflict or mental block, then that person will be able to function optimally in his life. Not that he does not have any weaknesses, but what is meant by optimal is to be able to use his full strengths and avoid situations where his shortcomings must be favored. Therefore it is necessary to understand that there are 2 kinds of obstacles in themselves:

1. Self-defeating nature (main character). For this, efforts to change oneself will not be effective. In this condition, graphology serves to look at conditions and situations such as what the author will achieve optimal life.

2. Self-barriers that arise because of internal conflicts. In this condition, graphotherapy serves to release the tension caused by internal conflict. So that after the conflict is lost, life will improve.

The first step to do is to practice recognizing when tension arises in daily activities. Usually this tension has become part of oneself, so it is difficult to realize. But with the Grapho-Cybernetics Graphotherapy method, you can carefully see when this tension appears in the writing or scribbling that you make.

The second step is the practice of releasing the tension that you have realized. This step is very important, because here Graphotherapy plays a role. There will be a physical release of tension from the way you hold the stationery, and there is also the release of emotional tension. Both must go hand in hand so that the therapeutic process carried out can run optimally.

These two steps are inseparable. In each graphotherapy session, you will erode layer by layer of existing internal conflicts. And with regular practice, when tension arises in daily activities, you will easily take it off without allowing it to be present for too long and adding to the potential for internal conflict. With the depletion of internal conflicts and tensions, your life will gradually improve and be more optimal.

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