What can my signature reveals about me?

Signature analysis is one of the most interesting topics for most people who are new to Graphology. Why? Because besides being simple it also seems rather mysterious. Can I just see the signature, what kind of personality can I see immediately? And there are even those who claim to be able to see their luck through signatures. The autograph examiner becomes impressed like a fortune teller if the "forecast" is proven correct. In this article, I will discuss whether this is a myth or fact.

What is a signature?

If you compare signatures with your handwriting, there is one basic thing that you might be aware of clearly. Handwriting is usually written to be read by yourself or others. While your signature is a special design to be interesting to see. The goal is not for yourself, but interesting to be seen by others. In this sense the signature has the same meaning as the company logo, or the cover of a book. A signature becomes a self image that you want to display to the public. The author deliberately displays the image, while the personality in him can be the same as the image, and can be different.

Then it's free of signature analysis?

Signature analysis will provide an understanding of how the writer wants to appear in public. Personality that can be analyzed is only limited to that, except in the case of the integration of personality is very good, so that the image displayed is exactly the same as the personality in him (It can be checked further through Graphological Analysis). Thus by looking at the signature, at least we can find out the initial response, the interaction in the public and the author's need to appear.

Please show me for example?

The signature size indicates how much the writer wants to appear in the public:

The simplicity of signatures shows simplicity in behaving and also vice versa:

The speed of the signature shows the rhythm commonly used by the author:

So is it wise to just see the personality from the signature? I give the answer back to you.

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