How to know a fake signature

Test of authenticity of writing / signature is one of the mandatory skills required in Grafo Forensic science. In addition to knowledge, a qualified experience needs to be owned, because the analysis carried out differs from handwriting analysis / Graphology for personality.

In general, signature counterfeiters have something in common, that is, they want to give an impression of the similarity in the form of signatures. Fortunately in Grafo Forensics, the similarity of the form is only one indicator. There are several other factors which if not fulfilled can prove the authenticity of the signature.

One of the factors discussed this time is about tempo. Everyone has a distinctive tempo. What is meant by the tempo here can be analogous to the internal clock inside. There are people who have a fast tempo, so the behavior displayed is the same: walking fast, eating fast, working fast. There are also people who have a slower tempo, so the speed in their activities will also be adjusted. This tempo is a distinctive part of a person and very rarely can change for life.

Someone with a tempo that is fast or slow will do writing and signature activities at the same speed. While in imitation of signatures, imitators usually want to pursue similarities in form, so that the speed will usually be sacrificed. Thus, by checking the tempo used in the original signature compared to the signature tested, the authenticity of the signature can be estimated.

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