Dishonesty from handwriting

Honesty / lie is one of the most frequently asked topics in private consultation sessions. Basically it is necessary to understand that everybody can lie. Therefore it needs to be explored further about the purpose of the question. The term lie itself is divided by experts into 4 types

There are 4 types of lying:

1. Defensive Lying / White Lies
Lies are done because of the urgent situation. So that the person must protect himself by lying.

2. Lack of Self-Reliance
Lies carried out due to lack of confidence and fear cannot be punished.

3. Fantasy Lies
A lie on purpose, but it occurs because of the imagination that develops in his head

4. Lack of Moral Attitudes
Lies are done to fulfill self satisfaction.

If a child says, "Ma, I see dinosaurs in front of the house!" The little boy is not a liar, but his imaginative power is at work. In general, every person has done a lie both of type 1,2 and 3. But that does not mean the person is then called a liar. Lies can be done because of various causes. If his imagination is high, maybe he did it like a child. If the person is inferior, maybe he maintains his ego by type 2, etc. Everything can be overcome and is not dangerous. But what you need to watch out for is type 4 lies.

In people who have a tendency to Lack of Moral Attitudes, lies are a necessity. If he hasn't succeeded in doing it, then he is still not satisfied and maybe even nervous. After success, satisfaction will appear in him. People like this need to be aware of and should be avoided, because they need special treatment for people with this tendency. In the analysis of lies there must be at least 5 out of 60 signs of lying, only then can the person have a tendency to lie. Many people who have just found 1 sign and are already thinking that the owner of the writing is a fraud. I need to remind you again, how graphology works is not like that. There are personality dynamics that must be really considered.

In this article, I want to divide 2 of the 60 signs that need to be aware of!

Both of these signs are often found along with other lie signs. These mark owners usually have the need to lie and manipulate others to get what they want. Plus they have a tendency to run away if a problem occurs. But again, don't immediately judge someone is a liar if you find these two signs on his writing! Use as an ingredient to anticipate.
And for the truth, be sure to check other signs.

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