Why my handwriting changes from time to time?

Handwriting represents what is in a person's personality (Read also: What is meant by Graphology). Because a person's personality is influenced by several factors, including: conscious mind, subconscious mind and emotions. Very enter if there is a change in his handwriting, because personality can change too. This is very true and will be seen clearly in writers who have immature emotions.

Try to remember the stages of your life. Personality when you are still in elementary school must be different from junior high school, especially during high school and so on. Personality always develops throughout a person's life but tends to be more distinctive when it reaches early adulthood, which is around the age of 25 years. In early adulthood, writing generally has distinctive characteristics and does not change. Generally changes only occur if a big moment occurs in his life. Suppose a loved one is left behind, deep depression and the like. Such events will change his personality, so it will also appear in his hand.

I was past early adulthood, but my handwriting was still changing!

Given that we all have emotions, and emotions are fluctuating, it is only natural that emotional outbursts will give color to our lives. For example, when you are excited, your writing tends to climb at the end of the sentence, while if you are sad, your writing looks like it's falling down.

Also pay attention when in a hurry, writing may be shortened or become illegible. Such conditions provide emotional stimulation of ourselves, so that the response will be seen through handwriting.

In Graphology, analysis of personality is not only seen from the form of writing, but many other factors. Maybe the form of your writing changes, but if you pay close attention to it, usually the specificity of the writing will still be visible. For example pressure, arrangement, and so on. This uniqueness that is maintained is what we call your character or true self. While the forms that change generally are due to the influence of emotional fluctuations when writing activities.

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