What is Graphology?

Graphology is a science to analyze personality, character and emotion through handwriting that has developed since the beginning of civilization. (Read: History of graphology). This science of graphology is still not well known in Indonesia. This is because Graphology only began to enter Indonesia in the late 1990s and until now there are still few experts who really master this knowledge.

With half-half knowledge, the results of the analysis obtained will be fragmental and do not give a true picture at all. But in the hands of the Graphologist, the character and personality of a person will be clearly visible, not only what is on the surface, but reaching the subconscious mind can also be known!

Can you know that personality is only through handwriting?

Handwriting is basically a manifestation of the condition of one's personality, so the writing will give an idea of how the personality of the author is. This can be proven by seeing that there are no two people who have the exact same personality and so do their handwriting. Apart from handwriting, personality manifestations can also be seen from various other outlets. As an example:

Someone who has high self confidence usually has a confidence body language too (head upright, chest stretched, spine straight, flashing slowly, etc.). The language of verbal communication and the intonation used also gives the impression of PD. Likewise, his handwriting will also give the same signs.

Ok, i get it. But what is observed in Graphology?

There are many aspects that are considered. Space, form, motion, pressure, correction, decoration, etc.

At the beginning of the development of the science of Graphology. The experts collected a large number of writing samples and found similarities that certain characters appear certain signs. For example, one of the International Grafolog Andrea McNichol conducted research by collecting written samples in various prisons. Of the many writing samples, almost every prisoners commit violent crimes that have spaced out spaces between lines.

This distinctive sign is repeated from the writings of the prisoners, but is not commonly found in the writings of lay people. These signs appear in writing not because of their environment, but because of the working patterns of their brains (personalities) that are so. Meanwhile, the hand is only a medium for delivering or representing what is happening in their brain.

Such is the way of working Graphology. But not only one or two signs are analyzed. But there are thousands of signs that all must be analyzed in relation to one another.

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